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Cigars are very widely popular ways of smoking aged tobacco rolled up in tobacco leaves. You can find us for the best cigar experience near you in New Jersey.

The perfect cigar can elevate your mood as well as your smoking experience. But finding the ultimate cigar shop near me in New Jersey can be more challenging than finding the perfect cigar. But worry not, you can visit us and find the best cigar in town.

Cigars, made from three elements- the wrapper, the binder, and the filler, are a work of art. You might have seen people smoking a lot of cigars in the old Hollywood films. Especially if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan you might also know his love for cigars.

Not just in films but cigars have also been seen making appearances in cartoons like Popeye. This shows how big of a cultural impact cigars have had on our pop culture. 

Giving the vibe of rich, 70s to 90s old films, cigars have been a status symbol in history.  They have also been associated with celebrations in the past and continue to do so. It is not uncommon to find the best man bringing out a pack of cigars to celebrate the groom.

Cigars have a history of being intimidating as well. They are complex and are associated with sophistication and seduction. This complexity can be found in your nearest Cigar Shop in Cape May

What is a Cigar?

The easiest way to explain cigars is that they are aged tobacco that has been dried, chopped, and wrapped. But this is the simple definition, while Cigar is much more than that. 

Every cigar tells a story of the aging of tobacco and the skill of the person creating it. It even tells a lot about the soil it has grown on. 

Are there Different Types of Cigars?

Yes, just as there are different types of smoke and flowers, there are different types of cigars in the market. While the flavor profile of a cigar is different and dependent on the tobacco used, cigars are also different in

  • Their colors- the color of a cigar indicates the maturity or aging of the tobacco. This can be determined through the wrapper and has a big effect on the flavor of the cigar. 

The light color of the cigar wrapper indicates delicate flavor profiles like citrusy and floral. The dark color of the cigar wrapper indicates heavy flavor profiles like wood, nuts, chocolate, and coffee.

  • Their shapes- the most common shape among cigars is cylindrical with rounded caps but there are more shapes than that. The shape of the cigar also affects the flavor profile as they vary in thickness and experience. 
  • Their sizes- as the shapes of the cigar are important, so are their sizes. A cigar is meant to be enjoyed for long periods, and its size plays an important role in it.
  • Their rolling techniques- earlier cigars were rolled by hand which gave them their flavor. Nowadays there are machine-rolled cigars available as well at the cigar Shop CMCH. The rolling technique makes the flavor profile and experience of the cigar different as well.


Cigars are meant to be enjoyed for long periods without any rush. They are to experience the full flavor profile with joy. The smoking experience with a cigar is very different than with other smoking products.

The price factor of the cigars has led them to be consumed and gifted during special occasions now. But if you have the time and resources, a cigar is recommended for the best smoking experience of your life.

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