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Discovering the background of hookah smoking, and its significance as part of the culture. Dive into the culture and take its essence at our hookah shop.

A hookah or waterpipe is a device for smoking tobacco you can find at our hookah smoke shop in New Jersey. ​​Flowing air produces the evaporation of tobacco in the tobacco component or moistened herbal blends. A flexible tube is used to transfer the smoke and vapour through the device for inhalation.

The task of the designed seal system is to join these parts together for the desired operation of the hookah. At least one part of this equipment should have aesthetic and fun value. 

A richly decorated, usually glass container allows seeing and experiencing smoke without the necessity to light a paper roll end.

The main smoking substance in hookah is half-moistened tobacco called Moassel. People widely use other names, such as Shisha in Saudi Arabia. Hookah smoke shops serve cultural interests, relaxation, and smoking pleasure. 

It has been an important part of the culture and tradition for centuries in Middle Eastern countries, spreading with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire. 

Types of Hookahs

As the public demands new and trendy products every day, we introduce the idea of hookahs. To make it more convenient, we in our hookah smoke shop have a variety of hookah flavours that you will enjoy.

Branded Hookahs 

Companies either commission the manufacture of branded hookahs specifically for them, or customize existing models based on customer inputs. These hookahs typically feature a beautiful appearance, non-standard design, and large dimensions found in our smoke shop near New Jersey.

This image gives them at least from what. After all, for connoisseurs of a beautiful hookah, style and grace are also important.

Classic hookahs

Classic hookahs are traditional hookahs made of wood or a combination of wood, copper, and steel. They are most simple in design, differing only in the color of the wood, possibly in the pattern on the stem. 

Moreover, they possess a beautiful appearance and are highly reliable, ensuring a long service life. They are also convenient in the fact that you can easily replace both the base and the sleeve. Use a blowdown instead of washing them inside at our hookah smoke shop.

Washable Hookahs

Washable hookahs are those that are made entirely of stainless steel, glass, and sometimes plastic. You can wash them using hot water, various cleaning gels, or salt.

This type of shaft and sleeve has a unique appearance, almost atypical, with the transparent material making up both the shaft and sleeve.

Hookah Etiquette

The very first and perhaps most important rule is to resist ashing on someone else’s hookah. The most common reason is laziness to pull out the tray of coal and flip out the burnt ash. So be polite and keep the black ash to yourself to fan it into the tray when your turn comes. 

Generally, when hookah-sharing, cover the mouthpiece with your lower lip and puff hard once or twice. This way, blowing out the remaining smoke and pushing the smoke more quickly for the next person to inhale. 

Moreover, if you smoke in a larger company, kindly offer the hose, coal, and tobacco to the person sitting next to you. If you share your hookah on a date, follow the common movie rule of offering everything to the lady first.

Another important thing to remember when smoking is to respect the hookah. Just because you enjoy it does not give you the right to blow clouds in the face of someone who doesn’t smoke. 

Additionally, this is a broad point on respecting others, but it’s an important part of enjoying this niche hobby in the presence of the general public.

A pro tip, when you start smoking with newer people, remind them to avoid making a screeching sound. It’s better to teach them from the get-go to pay attention to how they smoke.


The story of smoking hookah is fascinating and originates from very early times, reaching its present prosperous level of entertainment. 

It became popularized all over through the course of history, originating (most probably) in the Middle East and all over the world. Thanks to the shared experience of smoking, the taste of flavours, bringing together hookah lovers. 

The diversity among hookah smoke shop products ranges from timeless designs to innovative modern additions. Classic niceties maintain the significance of reminding us of the etiquette for a hookah, its pieces and fellow smokers. 

At the heart hookah goes beyond only smoke, it represents tradition, craftsmanship and the ancient practice of smoking.

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